Burning Peacocks - Burning Peacocks EP (Choke Industry/Night Beach Records) 
Burning Peacocks - Burning Peacocks EP

When you hear that a musician or an artist comes from Paris you instantly expect a certain level of romance and style. With Burning Peacocks, you have to throw in the fact that half of this duo is a model just increase the 'wow' factor before they've even played a note. It's a lot to live up to, though, so I hope they've got some chops or at least a coquettish giggling. This EP opens with 'Games' and instantly we're transported in to a late night Parisian cafe where two impossibly beautiful young people look up from their books and coffee to fall in love in a split second. Lazy guitars, plodding beats and the kind of vocals that are at least 30% honey all mingle to make perfect music for falling in love to. 'Avril' follows next (either a song about the month of April or my oldest friend's mum) and it takes the band in a different direction with cheap, 80s electro melodies accompanied by some spoken word and the kind of style that St Etienne and Dubstar displayed so perfectly.

On 'Questioning The Silence' there is a turn for the sinister but without losing the seductive quality running through the whole EP, a femme fatale quality that can be felt in every guitar note and piano key throughout the song as it sashays across the floor and up to your table. Closing with 'The One'. Alma and David get all cinematic, almost David Lynchian about things but with a tinge of Irish influence in the rhythms and keys. There is way more substance to this music than I had expected but that goes hand in hand with the style and romance that I did expect. Time to fall in love people.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/BurningPeacocks?fref=ts