Boundless Brothers - Untold EP (Riverfish Music) 
Boundless Brothers - Untold EP

Now regular LWM readers will know that I am adopted son of Cornwall and a Devonian by birth so I'm always keen to champion new music from round this way. The trouble is, there's always the chance the music will be crap no matter where it comes from. So, on receiving the new EP from Penzance quartet there was a mixture of trepidation and excitement in my soul. The five track EP opens with 'Light & Dark', a tune full of Mumford-esque banjo and rich vocal harmonies that make you stop what you're doing and pay attention. The song goes on to go full Mumford on our asses before giving way to 'Broken Bridges' which retains a strong folk element, like Crowns, but with a smoother, more poppy production quality. 'Dance With The Devil' has a more country'n'western feel to it and you can almost see the mocked up barn dance video set that should go along with this complete with pretty girls in cowboy boots and pigtails.

On 'Domino' the band could be mistaken for placing themselves somewhere between Nickleback and Travis which is dangerous territory indeed but given the general vibe of the EP I'm going to let them off with this one. Closing track, 'All Of The Stars', is akin to a rom-com theme tune performed by Semisonic or Crash Test Dummies in an Irish bar in Boston. This last track kind of sums the band up for me in that there are elements that I can entirely get on bored with but there are also parts that make me slightly uncomfortable as they veer a little close to the cheesier side of the musical spectrum. Definitely ones to keep an eye on but not the finished article - and don't ever tell me I'm partisan!

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