Wild Smiles - Always Tomorrow (Sunday Best Recordings) 
Wild Smiles - Always Tomorrow

I've been waiting for this one for a little while so I'm hoping that it lives up to the promise of the singles that have been released this year.  The Winchester trio have been being hotly tipped in all corners of the music press and their refreshing brand of turbocharged indie-pop-rock with a wayward smile is just too good to pass up. 'Fool For You' gets things going nicely with Beach Boys meets punk fun before 'Never Wanted This' channels the more melodic moments of Nirvana's grunge with pop overtones. If you're not in love with these guys by now then you're not fully operational on the inside. Album title track, 'Always Tomorrow', is straight up garage rock'n'roll of the best kind while 'Everyone's The Same' has been touched by the hand of Phil Spector and walks in the footprints of Glasvegas but with a lighter tread. The break neck speed of next tune 'Hold On' makes the title sage advice as the guitars, drums and bass all rattle along only held together by vocals that are fraying at the edges with every sharp turn.

The joy of Wild Smiles is that their tunes are full of sunshine and fun but at the same time they would work as an opening act for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or Grinderman - a hard balance to strike. 'The Best Four Years', for example, is a melodic indie-pop romp but with such a big sound that suggests it is more serious than just your average throw away pop song. Then again, the speed of the garage punk riffs on 'The Gun' don't hang around for long and 'Figure It Out is even more high octane as tunes go. By the time you get to 'Girlfriend', the guitars have been turned up to scuzz level 11 and the drums are hitting faster and harder than a barrage of Bruce Lee fists. 'See You Again' has a slight Britpop jangle while closing track 'I'm Gone' is a thumping, distortion strewn rock behemoth that just about manages to hang on to a pop melody until the end like a rodeo clown with Kiss face paint. This album isn't going to win any artistic awards for innovation but for sheer fun and good times then these guys should be swimming in tiny trophies purchased from those shops that cut keys and fix shoes.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/WILD.SMILES.the.band?ref=ts&fref=ts