We Fight Like Kids - Falconer
We Fight Like Kids - Falconer

My innocent mind sees the name of this band and immediately thinks of flailing arms and screwed up faces and the occasional stamping foot. Then I remember what kids are like these days and suspect that We Fight Like Kids has more to do with stabbings and drive by shootings on the mean streets of Hackney. Or the Midlands which is where these boys hail from. 'Falconer' is that debut single from the five piece and starts with some post-apocalyptic static before bursting in to life with some quick fire drums and guitars that slice and sear through the air like sharpened machetes. Then the vocals kick in which some people will enjoy in all their gruff, fierce glory. For me, it sounds like someone has poured gravel in to bowl by accident instead of muesli and then decided to carry on through sheer bloody mindedness but without wasting any milk. So, to sum up, great alt-rock-hardcore music with vocals by a man chewing on a bowl full of gravel.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/WeFightLikeKids

Live Dates:

22nd November - The Victoria Inn, Derby