Shiners - Just Got Paid 
Shiners - Just Got Paid

So here we have one of those rare breeds these days - a band with very little online presence. Hell, all I know is that they're from London and they've got their debut single ready for the wide, wide world. As far as I'm concerned they could a bunch of pimps and UKIP voters but I'm here to review the music, not judge the people. 'Just Got Paid' opens with a pure Britpop guitar riff and follows it up with the kind of indie pop that Menswear, Livingston or early Blur would have come up with. A keyboard riff that borders on cheesy, lyrics about suburban micro-dramas and vocals delivered with the swagger of a local hero make this suspiciously like a song that was frozen in the 90s and has only just been defrosted. For this reason and many others I love this song and what it represents. The 90s approach may also explain their almost complete lack of online presence. I'd best check my pager for updates on any future gigs....

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