Ronika - Marathon (RecordShop) 
Ronika - Marathon

I'm in danger of making myself sound a little old here but shouldn't this single be called Snickers by now? Long distance running and nutty chocolate bars aside, Nottingham chanteuse Ronika is ready to share her new single with you so listen up and listen good. 'Marathon' is a laid back, slinky, light disco number with some gorgeously squelchy 80s keyboards and the kind of beat of that Whitney would have danced oh so badly to. Ronika's voice is light, breathy and full of the kind of fun you feel when you first get with  someone new and all you want to do is hangout and be naked while you listen to happy music. Non-ironic, non-cynical and fuelled on sunshine and rainbows. Glorious.

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26th November - Ace Hotel, London