Red House Glory - Living A Lie 
Red House Glory - Living A Lie

On their Facebook page it simply says "Red House Glory are a rock band from England". No other bumph or guff. Just one sentence, take it or leave it, and that's how the music is as well. The quartet kick off 'Living A Lie' with a riff that is somewhere between James and Kings Of Leon before a rumbling bass line and some jangling guitars create the mood you need for a rock song to swagger with this much testosterone and self pleasure. As the drums pound and that pop-rock vocal pervades the smoky night you know that this is music with one eye on the melody and one hand on its own junk.  I have to say, Red House Glory is a fairly underwhelming name  but the music they create more than makes up for it. Romping, stomping stuff.

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1st December - EP Launch @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London