Paper Aeroplanes - Guessing Game 
Paper Aeroplanes - Guessing Game

There is a slow burning buzz around Paper Aeroplanes that has been simmering away in the background for a while and on the premise of this single and video it's well justified. All artists are just one break away from bursting on to the 'scene' and there is a chance that 'Guessing Game' could be that break if they get the chance to pump this tune in to the ears of the masses. Combining the vocal fragility and innocence of Ellie Goulding with the dark spirit of Florence + The Machine is a potent and heady mix in itself. But then if you add in the emotional piquancy of a Christmas advert for John Lewis and an uber-dramatic video that required more flour to make than a your average bakery gets through in a day and you have a great package. Style and substance in abundance. Beautiful.

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19th November - Phoenix, Exeter
20th November - Union Chapel, London
28th November - Strom, Munchen
29th November - ClubCANN, Stuttgart
30th November - Capitol, Mannheim
2nd December - Nachtleben, Frankfurt
4th December - Orange Club, Kiel

5th December - Knust, Hamburg