Kassassin Street - Centre Straight Atom 
Kassassin Street - Centre Straight Atom

Release Date: 10th November 2014

The gurgling, grinding, throbbing synthetic bass line that opens up the beast that is 'Centre Straight Atom' is one of those noises that stops you in your tracks, makes your ears prick up and, if you're anything like me, makes your balls tingle. Southsea's Kassassin Street have mastered the indie-pop genre through their euphoric beats, dark melodies and rock'n'roll superstar frontman - that's a given. What they have done which makes them that little bit more special, though, is embrace the work of LCD Soundsystem and Killers to create a more pounding, stadium sized sound that U2 have been searching for ever since they retired that giant Lemon. Given the right airplay this could be a smash single although there might need to be a punchier, slightly shorter radio edit for today's ADD generation.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/kassassinstreet?fref=ts

Live Dates:

14th November - The Rifle Club, Portsmouth (SOLD OUT)