House Of Lions - Perfect Fool (Kore Records) 
House Of Lions - Perfect Fool

Release Date: 24th November 2014

OK, first of all, love the artwork. Show me a cat in a funny situation or pulling a funny face and that's half the battle won. Now, for the music. Camden boys House Of Lions are on the brink of releasing this new single, 'Perfect Fool', on the unsuspecting masses and this is the music of a band who live, eat and love together. There are guitar melodies and a snappy rhythm that are pure sunny Saturday mornings that make you want to throw open the windows, make a bacon sandwich and they go looking for some mischief on the streets of London. Imagine a more laid back Young Knives or a less wet Feeling and you're in the right ball park but it's the spring in this song's step that makes it so utterly appealing. Indie-pop at it's very best and with a limber little guitar solo to boot. My only gripe is that this is entirely the wrong time of year for this to come out - I'd suggest getting it, putting it in a box and then unwrapping this on the first day of blue skies sometime in May 2015.

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24th November - Single Launch @ Proud Galleries, London