Escapists - Faraday Cage 
Escapists - Faraday Cage

Release Date: 24th November 2014

I seem to be on a bit of a London tip at the moment but, as the old football cliche goes, you can only review the team they put out in front of you. Or something. The quartet from the capitol are releasing their new single 'Faraday Cage' at the end of the month and it starts wonderfully like Dutch Uncles on a first date with the Magic Numbers. As guitars ripple and trickle over each other as the drums urge things forward and the time signatures bounce from one to another as if unsure on their favourite. The intricacies of the music are something to behold but on top of that you have a real grasp of song craft and the abilities write pop melodies that instantly hook in to you and lift your spirits. Well played, Escapists, well played indeed.

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12th November - The Garage, London w/High Hazels + Bwani Junction