Dracula Legs - Sand To The Beach/Death Of Age (Too Pure/Two Piece Records) 
Dracula Legs - Sand To The Beach/Death Of Age

They might be London based but this quartet hail from various parts of the Commonwealth which makes them an interesting prospect. The new single, 'Sand To The Beach', is a scuzzy but suave piece of in-your-face punk'n'roll with theatrical guitars and a real sense of the macabre. As the guitars thrash and clash around with gay abandon, the deep, velvety vocals fill all the gaps like Morrisey with more class or Editors with a sense of fun. B-side 'Death Of Age' is more of the same but with an added flavour of Jon Spencer and Les Anges thrown just to add to the vibe. This is borderline sleazy rock'n'roll and it's your call whether this will show you the time of your life or give you an STD and take your money. Either way you'll enjoy it at some point.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/draculalegs?fref=ts