Axel Flovent - Beach (Trellis Records) 
Axel Flovent - Beach

Well what do we have here? I'll tell you what we have here. What we have here is the debut single by Icelandic strummer Axel  Flovent. Now, despite his rock namesake, Axel is a somewhat subdued performer but that is far away from being a bad thing. The simply titled 'Beach' is a thing of quiet beauty as an insistent guitar pluck is lifted up on the shoulders of a steadily swelling melody, itself supported by some reach, deep piano notes. A pause in the middle of the song gives pause for thought before the swell begins again and Flovent's voice drifts dreamily and wistfully out towards anyone willing to listen. Not forcing or pushing, just drifting and existing in the half light, ready for you whenever you need it.

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