Wild Smiles - Girlfriend (Sunday Best Recordings) 
Wild Smiles - Girlfriend

I'm starting to properly love these guys. There seems to have been a return to good, old fashioned releases of singles backed up by fervent touring and just generally working hard and Wild Smiles are part of that movement. 'Girlfriend' is the latest volley of rock'n'roll excess to hit the airwaves/internet and it's the last chance you have to get on board before the album drops in late October. In typical Wild Smiles style, the single kicks off with buzz saw guitars covered in thick syrup before the Ramones-meets-Beach Boys vocal harmonies kick in all pushed along by those restless drums. This may only be 150 seconds of punk inspired indie-pop but these three guys manage to squeeze an awful lot of sugar, sunshine and melody in to those brief seconds. It's like the difference between an all night session with your mental ex or a quickie with your absolute, all time focus of all your lustful thoughts and feelings. Simple choice really.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/WILD.SMILES.the.band?fref=ts