Pet Sun - Gimme Your Soul (Sleepless Records) 
Pet Sun - Gimme Your Soul

Eighty-Eight seconds. That's the length of time it takes for Pet Sun to ram raid through your living room window, mess your place up and then leave with your best records. It's like Finders Keepers on Jack and weed. 'Gimme Your Soul' is a double speed mash up of Nirvana, Dandy Warhols, Beach Boys, Lemonheads, early Green Day and timeless rock'n'roll influences. The tour video  with additional lo-fi graphics is a nice touch but the song itself is enough to get my buzz going and if this was a set opener at a gig then you'd be downing the last few dregs of your drink before making a bee-line for the front of the crowd. Aces.

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Live Dates:

19th October - Divan Orange, Montreal w/Secret Colours

24th October - The Flat w/Weird Womb