Fiction - Lonely Planet (Vaguely Pagan) 
Fiction - Lonely Planet 

Release Date: 20th October 2014

London five-piece Fiction have a new single on the way and if you like your indie moody and atmospheric then they will be right up your street. 'Lonely Planet' starts quietly with gradually building organs and scratchy guitars that are somewhere between U2 and Simple Minds at their peak and the more contemporary musings of the XX, Portishead and Catherine Wheel. The use of vocals is particularly intriguing as different voices are used as instruments to help the layers mount up until the song is a rolling, unstoppable juggernaut of an indie ballad that will sweep over you like a huge, black cloud of liberating honesty. This is the song that's OK to wallow to on a wet Sunday afternoon when you're hungover and your boyfriend/girlfriend has dumped you during a drunken row.

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