Captivves - Dive In/Don't Defy Us 
Captivves - Dive In/Don't Defy Us

There seems to be a bit of a trend for misspelling words and using the result as a band name at the moment and I wonder if this is just indicative of the fact that we're running out of band names in the 21st Century. It's only a manner of time before we start naming bands in binary or semaphore I suppose. Anyway, I digress, Reading's Captivves kick off this double A-side single with 'Dive In' which is smothered in dark, brooding influences that bring to mind the likes of Interpol, the National, Joy Division and the Cooper Temple Clause. This is music for abandoned warehouses with dubious stains on the walls and trap doors that are suspiciously well secured from the outside - sinister stuff. The other half of this release, 'Don't Defy Us', starts with a rolling bass line before the big, booming, 80s drums kick in and we're transported in to a goth disco with lots of shoe shuffling and teased hair in serious danger of igniting. Atmospheric stuff that seriously flies in the face of the norm at the moment which is no bad thing.

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18th October - Oxjam @ Hope & Anchor, London