Weird Womb - Laziness EP (Midriff Records) 
Weird Womb - Laziness EP

Release Date: 23rd September 2014

I may seem a little obsessed with cover art at the moment but in this world of digital downloads it's worth taking some time to notice these things. In this case, I am torn between thinking that this is pretty depressing and having a reminisce about the cover of the original release of Idlewild's 'Chandelier'. Anyway, regardless of the cover art, the new EP from the Arizona boys is here and it opens up with the charmingly titled 'Tanned Tits', a song that hits full speed pretty instantly with rapid fire guitars, sputtering drums and vocals from the school of the Ramones. 'Luxury Punks' is up next with more of the same, unforgiving guitar riffs and a real sense of frantic energy just bursting from every pore.

This isn't music to romance a girl too but if you want to bounce around and burn off some excess energy then songs like 'Macy' will be right up your dark alley. 'Hitler Painted Roses' is a discordant mess of feedback, rock'n'roll attitude and clattering drums while 'Sabith' is speed punk-rock of the highest order. Six tracks in a little over 15 minutes is a dead giveaway that these guys are punks at heart but there is rock'n'roll spirit in there as well - as proven by the meaty 'Weird Womb' which finishes things up with aplomb. Fast, frantic and with a real rock'n'roll attitude. Just how I like my coffee.....

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