The Watanabes - Draw What You Like (Favourite Tree Records/Boom Boom Records) 
The Watanabes - Draw What You Like

It's not often you receive a parcel from Japan containing a CD and even less often that the band in question is part British and part Japanese. The Watanabes are an anomaly, that's for sure, but  the biggest anomaly is just how much these four gentleman have made me fall in love with their music. You see, for the past few weeks every journey in my beaten up car has been sountracked by this EP and the delightful range of styles these guys display. The EP opens up with 'There's Something Wrong' and from the first few notes of the daintily lively organ riff you can't help bit fall for this tune. The energy and freshness of the likes of the Coral, the Thrills, the Magic Numbers and the Zutons is there in full force but there's something else, something more edgy that reminds more of the Doors or the psychedelic movement. And that's just the first song.

On '28 Years' the lyrics take a depressingly early look back at life from a particularly young vantage point - "It's been 28 years and I'm full of existential fears. Is that normal for my age?" they sing atop a Badly Drawn Boy-esque melody with acoustic bounce and a sense of wry fun. 'Make Things Better', in all seriousness, ought to come with a health warning. So delicate is the melody and so entirely touching is the lyrical sentiment that this song still makes my eyes well up even after 100 listens. This is the song Coldplay were trying to write when they coughed up 'Fix You'. Up next is 'Yuriko Yuriko', a tune of lightness and whimsy despite the lyrical content which is a bitter-sweet tale of love and loss with gentle keys that lilt and sway beautifully.

The EP closes up with 'Drench You In Sun', an uplifting track that could feature on a Feeder album and leaves a gorgeous, sun drenched flavour in the mouth as these guys drift gently out of the door and off to flutter around another unsuspecting blogger's ears. What I love most about these guys  is the delicate, intricate and labour-of-love construction of these songs that makes it feel like they were made just for you. And that is the way music should feel. All the time.

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