The Rungs - Confluence Of Anomalies 
The Rungs - Confluence Of Anomalies

On paper, The Rungs are possibly the coolest prospect out there - a male and female duo from Brooklyn playing synth guitar pop. This ticks two of the biggest cool boxes going at the moment (and by cool box I don't mean something to take to a picnic to keep your food fresh). This new single by Mandy and Diwas, as their friends call them, is the marvellously titled 'Confluence of Anomalies' and by God is it gorgeous!?!? Sure, we're talking lo-fi with an element of shoe gaze in the vocal delivery but the throbbing synth bass line along with the Orientally influenced melodies make this an instantly appealing prospect. Think Dubstar, St Etienne and a more relaxed Bis (i.e. after the sugar come down) all produced by Beck and E from Eels, if you will, and you'll be getting close to the truth of The Rungs. The gorgeous truth.

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Live Dates:

3rd October - Lot 10 Ithica, NY

4th October - ZiNK Tees, Oswego NY