The Incredible Magpie Band - This Chose Me/Money 
The Incredible Magpie Band - This Chose Me / Money

Release Date: 15th September 2014

Wakefield has a surprisingly rich musical heritage for such a relatively small town and The Incredible Magpie Band are the latest export to come our way. The quintet have a new single out shortly in the shape of this double-A side and it's already got Liam Gallagher pretty excited - although he gets excited at a nice coat and eyebrow tweezers. The first of the two A-sides is 'This Chose Me', a tune which was made for long distance journeys in a knackered van with your mates. The guitars shuffle and shimmy like Jake Bugg wishes he could, the harmonica wails continuously like the escaping spirit of Bob Dylan and the drums are perkier than an anatomically altered Valley Girl the day after surgery. The second A-side, 'Money', on the other hand has a more 90s indie feel to it with the likes of Cast, Mundy and Dodgy springing to mind. There's a great energy about these guys and some perfectly balanced melodies that make these instantly infectious songs. Maybe Liam has a point...

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13th September - This Feeling @ Queen Of Hoxton, London w/Penguins Rising + Medicine Men + Franko Fraize