Singtank - Ceremonies (Parlaphone France Records) 
Singtank - Ceremonies

Release Date: 22nd September 2014

There are a butt load of duos out there at the moment but very few are made up siblings and even fewer are made up of a brother and sister combination from Paris. Alexandre and Josephine de La Baume make up Singtank and they are an eclectically inspired pair as this album demonstrates with aplomb.  'Here We Go Again' gets things going with a blend of a Spanish lament and Vampire Weekend set to a Hip-Hop beat before 'Frida' pops up sounding like something half way between Sleigh Bells and a late 90s Nokia ringtone which is way better than it sounds. There is a real 80s electro feel to the duo's version of 'Suspicious Minds' which gives it an incredibly cinematic feel while 'Can You Hear Me?' sounds like a UB40 tune being played on a cheap keyboard and Foals on production duties. Are you following me on the eclecticism yet? Good.

On 'We Are' the range of tastes takes a turn for the downright crazy as it blends Grandaddy and Elbow style indie with panpipes of the Andes. Panpipes of the indies anyone? 'Tete Brulee' is a gorgeous piece of lo-fi electro indie with roots in Stereolab or Pulp's earlier stuff while 'FOMO' has a sinister vibe about it that reminds of the likes of Beck and Eels in the best possible way. Normally people blame the parents but in this case I can only assume that Mr & Mrs de La Baume have an awesome record collection....and it was probably all on vinyl too. The simple piano melody on 'Looking For My Sister' is steeped in Motown style before giving way to the laconic and thoroughly French ballad 'Old Tunes'. 'La Vie En Octets' has a sparkling, early morning feel to it with rippling keyboards and dreamy vocals creeping in with the gentle rising of the sun. Then again, 'Coming Down' has more of a contemporary down tempo indie feel with those luxurious vocals playing off against each other beautifully.

As the album reaches its unpredictable climax, 'When' rolls around the corner with a breathy, euphoric and optimistic feeling before the album closes with 'Ursus' which is an epic modern pop ballad in the style of Lana Del Ray. The beauty of this album lies in the range of styles, genres and moods taken in by this duo as well as the way their voices contrast and combine so beautifully. Ceremonies is sublime and constantly surprising stuff.

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23rd October - Le Nouveau Casino, Paris