Pale Fires - Mammoth EP 
Pale Fires - Mammoth EP

Release Date: 29th September 2014

Pale Fires are a bunch of Camden lads with something a little bit special about them that I can't quite put my finger on. They aren't full of bombast or tunes that necessarily make you want to get up and dance. What they have, however, is a sense of cool and the ability to write a tune that keeps you on your toes from the first beat to the last chord. Opening track 'River' features hypnotically swirling guitars, skittish drums and smooth vocals that are dripping in smoke and whisky. 'Mammoth' is up next with a swagger and some seriously sexy guitars slathered in distortion and sweat before 'Peace Of Mind' grinds in to view with a pulsing bass line and Marc Bolan-esque vocals snaking through the midnight air.

Pale Fires are certainly ill fitting for a time where speed and instant gratification are kings but that's what makes them so utterly fulfilling and satisfying. 'The Boat That Is Rowing Slow' makes that point beautifully as the melodies struggles to emerge from within the murky psyche swamp but emerge they do like the many tentacles of a lonely octopus. On 'Howl' the quartet take a turn for the more moody and atmospheric with some subtle vocal harmonies washing over the sinister guitar notes before the song explodes in a burst of rock'n'roll excess, sexual energy and leather trousers. This six track EP closes with 'Earth Mother', a song placed somewhere between Led Zeppelin and Radiohead which is a new place on me. Like I said at the beginning, there's something special about these guys and I can't put my finger on it but that just makes it all the more exciting.

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Live Dates:

19th September - The Lock Tavern, London
27th September - The Shrubbery Recording Studio, Bury Saint Edmonds

7th November - The Macbeth, London