Max Von Sydow - Ugly Girls Ugly Boys (INGRID) 
Max Von Sydow - Ugly Girls Ugly Boys

Swedish recluse Max Von Sydow is a bit of a rarity in that he's a musician and producer who has had no intention of gaining fame and fortune through his talents. In fact, it was only the determination of label INGRID to track this guy down that means we are now hearing this stuff around the world. 'Ugly Girls Ugly Boys' is a delightful pick'n'mix of beats, electronic melodies and some processed vocals that is a whole lot of fun. Elements of Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and a tonne of other 90s electro pop acts are present and that is no bad thing in my book. This is how popping candy would sound if you could record it more closely and I can only applaud the folk at INGRID for tracking this down.

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