Phillip Brandon - Phillip Brandon EP 
Phillip Brandon - EP

When you're 6' 4" and you're still the shortest of three boys then you'll either give up the fight there and then or come out all guns a'blazing. Los Angeles native Phillip Brandon is in the latter category and his soul infused funk is a thing of wonder that might just require me to take my shoes of and dance. The primal stomp of 'You' introduces the EP through the dry ice and low lights before Brandon's rich, smooth, velvety tones emerge from the shadows to charm and bedazzle you. 'Sail On' is a more conventionally structure tune with a real 90s soul feel about it taking me back to the likes of Omar and Seal in their prime.

The deep, thick gravy of Brandon's gorgeous voice is given a real work out on 'Turn Around' as he goes from low slung sex fiend to rock infused soul champion in the space of one song. The crunchy rock guitars are also present on 'On My Mind' and yet again that voice makes your ribs shake and your inner fire ignite. The EP closes with 'My Friend' which is a heartfelt and simple ballad with some Carpenters-esque instrumentation and some impassioned vocals. Phillip Brandon is an immense talent and he knocks the likes of Cee Lo Green and Aloe Blacc in to one side with that voice and undeniable style - I mean, just look at the man.....I would. 

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Live Dates:

28th August - Downtown El Cajon Farmers Market, El Cajon
25th September - Legends, Las Vegas
26th September - The Spirit Room, Jerome

28th September - Mueller College, San Diego