Mozart's Sister - Being (Asthmatic Kitty/Paper Bag) 
Mozart's Sister - Being

Now I'm all for a pseudonym in music or any other art form for that matter but calling yourself Mozart's Sister is surely putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Also, when your real name is already the delightful Caila Thompson-Hannant then there really is no need to change. Nevertheless, the name is here to stay and the music is far more important so let's crack on with the opening track of this album, 'Good Thing Bad Thing, which sounds like Delphic and Bjork remixing a Katy Perry tune inspired by Prince. Not a bad start then. 'Enjoy' is up next and is a 90s dance infused tune with industrial beats in direct juxtaposition to Thompson-Hannant's sensual, soulful voice. On 'Faif' things get a little more dirty with a sexy bassline and naughty-but-nice vocals that are so breathy you'll find yourself getting hot under the collar before the first chorus is over.
There is a touch of Ladyhawke about 'Lone Wolf' which is no bad thing while 'A Move' is a skittish, quirky number that makes you feel slightly drunk - whether that be on alcohol, love or anything is up to you. 

Mozart's Sister mid sneeze. Bless You. 
Mozart's Sister has an experimental edge about it which explores the light and dark side of electro music all tied together with the rich, sweet and sticky vocal. 'Blow A Kiss' is a perfect example of this as staccato bass notes puncture the air, hitting your ribs like short, sharp punches but that voice is there to soothe your aches and pains immediately. 'Salty Tear' is a light, poppy number with some gorgeous synth sounds while 'Do It To Myself (Run Run)' is an 80s electro-pop stunner with a screw loose and 'Don't Leave It To Me' is a feisty track with choppy melodies and that soulful vocal in full effect. Penultimate track 'My House Is Wild' has a British feel about that wouldn't have been out place in the early 2000s or even now as the likes of Disclosure and Rudimental are brining that dubby dance sound back. The album closes with 'Chained' which is perhaps the most saccharine sweet melody of the collection but it still retains that darker, sharper edge. The fearless nature and boundary ignoring approach to this album is absolutely beautiful and utterly refreshing - Mozart would certainly approve.

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5th September - Windsor Hotel, Winnipeg w/PS I Love You
6th September - Amigos, Saskatoon w/PS I Love You
7th September - The Exchange, Regina w/PS I Love You
9th September - HiFi Club, Calgary w/PS I love You
10th September - Pawn Shop, Edmonton w/PS I Love You
12th September - Club Fortune, Vancouver w/PS I Love You
13th September - Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria
18th September - Le Late Night Little Burgundy, Montreal
19th September - Caberet Du Mile End, Montreal
21st October - Halifax Pop Explosion, Halifax

28th October - Webster Hall, New York