Monique Angele - Monique Angele EP 
Monique Angele - Monique Angele EP

Despite the EP cover artwork showing what appears to be a moody teenager waiting for the phone to ring, Monique Angele is actually a highly accomplished Canadian musician and songwriter. This EP showcases six of her songs beginning with 'Poisonous Touch' which features rolling piano of classical proportions and vocals that border on the operatic but with pop sensibilities....popera if you will. 'Eyes' has a more slinky, seductive feel that is quite enchanting while 'Waltz' is, well, a waltz which is not something you get very often in mainstream music these days.

Now, there's no denying that Angele is hugely talented artist but I can't pretend that the operatic singing is my cup of tea I'm afraid. Nevertheless, 'Pity' has a sumptuous piano melody and a more soaring vocal rather than operatic which brings out the melody more. 'Touch As A Sign' has a musical feel to it of Andrew Lloyd-Webber proportions which isn't necessarily a positive thing from where I'm sitting. The EP finishes off with a live version of 'Pity' which, if nothing else, proves that the lady has a serious pair of lungs on her. Technically impressive stuff but not something I can get emotionally involved in I'm afraid.

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Live Dates:

7th September - The Avant Garde Bar, Ottawa w/ The Arcanes + Fade Chromatic

25th September - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto w/The Captain Andrew Bootstring Band + Ryan Maguire