Ladada - Ladada EP (Gold Robot Records) 
Ladada - Ladada EP

Instead of being the fifth Tellytubby,  Ladada is actually a Virginia Beach based solo artist (real name Josiah Schlater) with a penchant for sounds of the 60s and, by the looks of the artwork, the sights of the 60s too. 'Coming Alive' kicks things off with a sampled spoken word track atop some ambient noodlings that puts me in mind of the wonderful Gilbert or moments of Lemon Jelly. Then the Motown influences really come alive on 'Comets' as the guitar groove mixes with blissed out Beach Boys vocal melodies. On 'Give It Back' there is a gorgeous throbbing bass line that acts as a wonderful counter balance to the ramshackle drums and jangling guitars.

'Oh The Weather' has a jazzy, slippery bass line that emerges among some Arcade Fire-esque guitars and Schlater's drawled vocals are the very personification of the first waking thoughts of summer's morning. Ladada mixes some wonderful influences, both old and new, but the fact that this has come from the mind of just one man is what makes this truly special stuff. 'Coin Toss' is a great example of Schlater's eclecticism as 60s harmonies mix with punky guitars and Britpop vibe that makes me want to pogo like a loon. There's a real psychedelic feel to 'Car In The Sky' that feels like Evan Dando stepped in to Syd Barrett's vomit spattered pink velvet shoes and rocked up to the studio with pockets full of mushrooms and a head full of ideas. This mind bending journey finishes with the groove based riffing of 'Harmony' that is the perfect come down tune as the gentle click of the drums is smothered in treacle thick guitars and lightly sprinkled vocal harmonies. Ladada is utterly gorgeous stuff from the mind and soul of the kind of guy I would like to hang out with on a beach and talk about music while sipping on a badly mixed cocktail. One day....

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