The Tallest Tree - Boat 
The Tallest Tree - Boat

Take a girl from Ontario and a guy from Mexico City, mix well with a healthy indie obsession and throw in a bit of love at first sight and you're either watching a Michael Cera film or you're talking about The Tallest Tree. This a gloriously lo-fi act all centred around the difficult but obviously fulfilling relationship between Dawn and Armando. 'Boat' is a joyous, summer romance of a single with jangly Best Coast guitars, Sleigh Bells' attitude and the approachability of Belly all interwoven with the male-female vocals and a real sense of fun. This is the kind of song that will pass the majority of the world's population by but the few that this song does reach will have their lives enriched by it. And surely it's better to be adored by a few than to be ignored en masse.

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6th August - Bishop Park, Hamilton
8th August - Dr Disc's Raise The Roof, Dr Disc
16th August - Saturdays In The Steets, Burlington

16th August - The Player's Guild w/Jenny Berkel