The Farewell Circuit - We Were Wolves EP (Princess Records) 
The Farewell Circuit - We Were Wolves

Before I start talking about the music, I just want to give some credit where it's due and say that I love the artwork on this new EP from Minneapolis quartet The Farewell Circuit. So many bands these days do something that is supposed to be all atmospheric and moody whereas this is just a genuinely good looking piece of art tied to the title of the EP. So, yeah, kudos. Anyway, the music on this release is in the realm of gentle, acoustic fuelled, expansive music with a stirring passion along the lines of Grandaddy or Elbow. The 5 track collection opens with title track 'We Were Wolves' which gives you exactly what you want if what you want is gentle, introspective but expansive alternative indie with a sense of wonder and hope. 'Years Of Youth' follows and is more electrified with an edgy riff and a groove that picks you up and carries you away on a sea of rock'n'roll.

The mellowed out indie of 'Faces Of Friends' is perfectly suited to the period of a Sunday when it's not so much afternoon but not quite evening and you just want time to stop so you can enjoy your sofa and the girl/guy you're curled up with for a little longer. The guitars rolls gently over your ears and the drums are so muffled that they would barely pierce a hangover induced snooze. 'From The Sun', on the other hand, is a more lively number with hypnotic drums and guitars that twist and spiral endlessly up in to the air without an end in sight. The EP finishes up with 'Admission' and the Radiohead-esque drones and throbs are enough to settle the most savage beast in to an afternoon coma but in a really, really good way.

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25th July - Icehouse, Minneapolis