The Dantes - Out Of The Dark EP 
The Dantes - Out Of The Dark EP

Release Date: 3rd July 2014

When I was just a lad growing up in the Westcountry, everywhere I went there was someone strumming an acoustic guitar and that was quite an exciting prospect. Then you start to realise that just because someone is holding an acoustic guitar it doesn't make them a good musician and it doesn't stop them being a douche. That said, Plymouth duo the Dantes are two men with an acoustic guitar so they run the risk of going double-douche but I have faith in them. And that faith is almost immediately repaid with opening track, 'Out Of The Dark', which starts off all James Morrison before the full backing band kick in and the song goes a little more Paolo Nutini but with a rumbling, brooding edge that Brother & Bones would be happy with.

Adam and Jack roll in to the second song, 'Make You Know', with a more sombre and bleak feel that slowly builds in to a Richard Hawley tinged tune full of harmonies and undulating rhythms that get your head bobbing. 'Seasons' is up next starting like a Paul Weller track and then developing in to a male version of the Indigo Girls with soulful harmonies and a gentle country hue. Final track 'Time' is somewhere between Arctic Monkeys and Brother & Bones which is no bad place to be as the agitated guitars nudge the strained, impassioned vocals along. The Dantes have got something that will get many a cosy winters pub jumping and will sound delightful drifting across a summer's field from a tent full of cider fuelled revellers - quite a combination. They're definitely not douches though, that's a fact. 

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