Southpaw - In With A Chance? 
Southpaw - In With A Chance?

Release Date: 18th July 2014

If you'd asked me half an hour ago where Retford was I would have had a guess but I wouldn't been right. But now, thanks to this trio of guitar toting upstarts, I have been compelled to find out where Retford is (to save you a job, it's just East of Sheffield and Derby). Anyway, Geography lesson over. Southpaw are a power-punk-indie trio and the opening track of their EP, 'I Don't Dance' is a triumph in controlled exuberance with early Arctic Monkeys spirit and three chord punk riffs powered along by  pounding drums. 'If I Was Taken' has a more laid back feel but singer-guitarist Khalil Adesanya has definitely been to the Alex Turner/Jake Bugg academy of lyricism as he sings of late night texts and unwanted attention.

The energy and enthusiasm of the band is quite infectious but they have the songs to back it up and I would go so far as to say that Southpaw are one of the most engaging young British bands I have heard in a long time. 'Realistic Optimistic' is up next and has elements of the Hives as well as that Arctic Monkeys influence but also has a wonderfully bitter monologue in the middle of the song which reveals the punk heart of everything Southpaw do. The EP closes with 'Adrenaline Kick', a song that is in danger of derailing itself before Adesanya's vocals kick in like a cross between Collapsed Lung and Zach De La Rocha. Maybe saying that Southpaw have just put Retford on the map is a relatively underwhelming claim but they should be proud of their music and Retford should be proud of their new local heroes. Ones to watch and I only use that phrase when I absolutely mean it.

Live Dates:

18th July - EP Launch @ Doncaster Warehouse, Doncaster
19th July - Bun Fest @ Newcastle Arms, Retford
20th July -Redhouse, Sheffield
25th July - The Rocking Chair @ Tramlines, Sheffield
26th July - Redhouse @ Tramlines, Sheffield
1st August, Bar One @ Sheffield University, Sheffield
24th August - Henrys, Scunthorpe
25th August - Grimsthorpe Festival

13th September - O2 Academy, Sheffield