Sivu - Miracle (Human Errorr) (Atlantic Records) 
Sivu - Miracle (Human Error)

Release Date: 28th July 2014

Sivu is fast becoming one of the front runners in the race to win the title of most awkward but sublimely talented singer-songwriters around in 2014. This latest single, 'Miracle (Human Error)' is soaringly beautiful with lush, Sigur Ros style strings and the bombast of Arcade Fire in full flow as the drums beat out a rhythm full of hope and lust. Sivu's vocal style is delicate and shouldn't survive this kind of song but, like the bully's victim who finally finds a voice, where power is lacking, strength is ever present. This is truly gorgeous stuff and I urge you get your greasy mitts on it as soon as you are able (2 weeks today to be precise).

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Live Dates:

20th July - Blue Balls Festival, Luzern
25th July - Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
26th July - Redfest, Redhill
8th August - Beacons Festival, Yorkshire
9th August - Wilderness Festival, Cornbury
22nd-24th August - Reading & Leeds Festival

4th-7th September - Bestival