See You In Reno - Check 
See You In Reno - Check

Release Date: 21st July 2014

This forthcoming single from these Chelmsford boys starts with a swift punch to the windpipe and an unblinking, point blank stare....which reminds of a blind date I was once on but that's another story for another time. See You In Reno are an angry bunch but they're channelling it in to some fierce and melodically complex music that, like 'Catch', will be right up the street of At The Drive-In fans and aficionados of early Biffy Clyro material. If you like your bands intense, moody, dedicated and in a disturbing array clothing that looks like it should belong to a group of serial killing train spotters then See You In Reno may just be your new favourite band. If you like your bands bland and inoffensive but with a latent sense of passive aggressiveness then you're probably better off sticking with Westlife.   

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