Oliver Wilde - Say Yes To Ewans (Howling Owl Records) 
Oliver Wilde - Say Yes To Ewans

Release Date: 28th June 2014

Sometimes a song just sums up a mood or a moment and Bristol band Oliver Wilde's new single 'Say Yes To Ewans' is one of those songs. The sunny guitars and light beats are perfect for a warm summer's morning but the woozy melodies and slightly hungover vocals mean that this song is purely capturing waking up in a tent on the last morning of a festival. It's a sticky, sweet and slightly yeasty tasting tune that you might just want to load in to your phone as your alarm call this summer. It's got to be better than 'classic bell' or just being woken up by the lack of oxygen in your tent. Or a squirrel crawling across your face.

More information: http://www.oliver-wilde.com/

Live Dates:

5th July - Third Rail Festival
11th July - 2000 Trees Festival
19th July - Latitude Festival
2nd August - Knee Deep Festival, Trerulefoot

29th August - End Of The Road Festival