Mother Leads - It's A Feeling (Voodoo Records) 
Mother Leads - It's A Feeling

There's something about three hairy men in a small just rocking out with every sinew in their body and it's something I'm almost always drawn to - you can draw your own conclusions from that. Mother Leads are one such band and although they are not the hairiest I've ever seen they certainly like to rock hard in small rooms (judging from the video). New single 'It's A Feeling' is pitched somewhere between Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters with a dangerous tendency to veer a little close to sounding a bit like Nickleback. Nevertheless, the riffs are nice and big, the drums are pounding and the vocals are generally rasping so on the whole I approve. Rock on lads, rock on.

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Live Dates:

25th July - Bistro De Paris, Montreal
26th July - The Atomic Rooster, Ottawa
15th August - TBC, Toronto

23rd August - Amsterdam Bicycle Club, Toronto