Mamaku - Mon Ami 
Mamaku - Mon Ami

I covered some of the output of New Zealand act Mamaku a while ago and I'm glad to see they've come back for more. This new single, I'm told, is a lyrical exploration of the issues of war but I'll have to take their word for it as vocalist Tui sings in French and although I can catch the odd word, my high school lessons are a fading memory. Nevertheless, 'Mon Ami' is a sultry but desolate piece of trip-hop with a primal bass drone and flighty guitars that buzz around like mosquitos at dusk. The mood of the song builds beautifully in to something of Portishead proportions as the vocals start to come from the pit of Tui's stomach and the depth of her soul, mirroring the anguish of war. This is skilfully crafted but equally emotive music that does something a bit different and for that reason alone I love it.

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