Jeen - Buena Vista 
Jeen - Buena Vista

First things first, this couldn't be further from the Buena Vista Social Club if it tried. Canadian soloist Jeen O'Brien is not a Cuban traditionalist but is, in fact, one of the most instantly engaging alternative voices I've heard in some time. 'Buena Vista' has a growling bass line throughout which is a great starting point but the relentlessly energetic drums, snap-crackle-and-pop guitars and menacing backing vocals all build a gorgeously infectious song in no time at all. Jeen herself channels the likes of Tanya Donnelly and the Louise Post/Nina Gordon style of Veruca Salt with near whispered verses and choruses dripping with spit and bile. The video is worth a watch even if it doesn't quite match the seductive danger that seeps from every pour of the song. Brilliant stuff for anyone but considering this is a debut single that gets it two thumbs up! And an exclamation mark apparently....

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