Ginger & The Ghost - Call Up The Whales EP (Rabble Records) 
Ginger & The Ghost - Call Up The Whales EP

Release Date: 14th July 2014

Ginger & The Ghost are a pair of visual artists from Sydney which might sound like an unlikely basis for a band but stranger things have happened. This new four track EP combines an experimental approach to music with a unique and impish vocal style which makes for a delightful blend.  Opening up with 'Call Up The Whales', Ginger & The Ghost immediately mix the atmosphere of a Kate Bush or a Tori Amos with the acoustic jangle of Jose Gonzalez and the pop nous of Royksopp. 'The Mark Of Hearts' has a certain Joanna Newsome meets Laura Marling quality to it that is hard to resist as the guitars ripple and pop, accompanied by a simple rhythm and a sense of twilight romance.

The second half of the EP starts with 'Throwing Arrows' which has a more sombre and foreboding tone a little like the much underrated 12 Rounds or Moloko at their least dancey or 6 Day Riot at their most rambunctious. The collection closes down with 'Teenage Flower' which is a dark, candle-lit melody that should only be sung by someone with dark lipstick and pale skin as they roll around on a grand piano in a black lace dress. I have not seen a video by these guys or any other visual artistry but the images they create with their music is certainly something to behold. Delicately beautiful stuff.

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Live Dates:

13th July - Old Queens Head, London

25th July - Milhoes De Festa, Portgual