False-Heads - Tunnel Vision EP (Hi4Head Records) 
False-Heads - Tunnel Vision

London trio False-Heads encapsulate everything I loved about being in a band with my mates. They are rough around the edges, shambolic and far from polished but there is energy, there is passion and there is a sense of exploration. The first of these four tracks is 'Fall Around' which has a twisting, grinding bassline at its core as the energy of the Libertines, Nirvana and the Pixies shoots off in a hundred different directions. 'Anything Else' is up next and this time there's a more Red Hot Chili Peppers feel to proceedings with some laid back, rolling drums and those snaking guitars doing their best to create a Viper Rooms atmosphere.

A snarling, grinding bass line opens up 'Without A Doubt' like Muse's 'Hysteria' before an early Foo Fighters meets the Offspring riff kicks in and lyrics dripping in youthful rebellion start up. The final track of the EP is 'Remedy' and the moody opening melodies swing back and forth with the charm of the Kinks and the raw, edgy energy of the Libertines or early Weezer. False-Heads combine some of my favourite rock influences and do it in an original way with energy, enthusiasm and a real sense of passion. Say what you like but there's not much wrong with that in my book.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/FalseHeads

Listen/Download Here: http://false-heads.bandcamp.com/