Cozy Catastrophes - Way Last June (February Records) 
Cozy Catastrophes - Way Last June

Solo artists can be a little bit like superheroes at times can't they? Robert Allen Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan. Reginald Dwight aka Elton John. Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy. And now we have Greg Adams aka Cozy Catastrophes. I don't know if the Indiana soloist has any special powers but if he does they're sure to come out through his music. This latest EP starts with a piece of sage advice in the shape of 'Always Say Never to Always' which might be less than three minutes long but still has time to sound like a distant, Greek ballad as heard through a corridor in a white washed mansion on the coast. The lo-fi qualities and honest lyrics are perfectly placed to be lined up behind the likes of Jim Noir and Evan Dando. 'Pillow Fight' starts with the stilted rhythm of a Casio drum machine before and soon becomes a Badly Drawn Boy-esque affair featuring the great line "I can buy a mirror but I can't buy love."

'Unlovable' has a min-Arcade Fire feel to it while 'When You're Gone' could almost be a chill-out tune in a subdued Vegas backroom bar populated by drunk characters from Mario Kart. On 'Wait Up', Adams goes a bit more mellow and pleading with an unnamed love who is threatening to walk out through the medium of muted keyboard tones and subdued beats. Final track 'Sweetly Fade' could easily be an early demo for a Coldplay song that didn't make the final cut for being too interesting as the acoustic guitar bounces happily along and the vocals look to make themselves heard in the background. Cozy Catastrophes won't be troubling any stadiums any time soon but this is the kind of music that, if used correctly, could become an internet sensation following some exposure in a hit U.S. drama. Watch this space and keep an eye on this guy in case he starts wearing his Speedos outside his chinos. 

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  1. The line is actually, "I can buy a mirror, but I can't buy love," but it's still a good one!


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