City And The Sea - Venture (Red Coast Records) 
City And The Sea - Venture

This is a song entirely built around the rhythm section and I am big fan of songs with strong drums and killer bass lines. Ontario quartet City And The Sea have created a strange juxtaposition of a song, however, which is confusing. During the verses, this is a chugging, diesel guzzling beast the likes of which Queens Of The Stone Age or Foo Fighters would be happy to churn out at a rock festival using up more electricity than a small country. On the other hand, during the chorus things get a little too smooth along the lines of Fall Out Boy or when ex-boyband members try to go alternative. All in all, the verses win me over but I was nearly put off for a second time when I saw the video of the band rocking their hardest in front of a seated lecture theatre of fans. If you're going to shoot a live video then at least make sure you've got a lively front row - rookie stuff.

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Live Dates:

9th August - Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
16th August - A Mid Summer's Dream @ Gage Park, Hamilton
23rd August - Van Gogh's Ear, Guelph

20th September - West Fest, Hamilton