Chasing Cadence - Heartstrong 
Chasing Cadence - Heartstrong

Release Date: 14th July 2014

Hertfordshire lads Chasing Cadence are one of those bands that you can only imagine bouncing around involuntarily to a car alarm given half a chance. Sure, they've got serious rock chops with meaty riffs and rapid fire drums but there's a certain energy and bounce to new single 'Heartstrong' that suggest the band will be doing Paul Smith style V-kicks through its entirety. For fans of big, brash but melodic rock this will be right up your street, especially if you like some tight male vocals harmonies thrown in just send a chill down your spine before the big final chorus kicks in. There's a cool little video alongside this release as well which I won't spoil but is worth a watch.

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Live Dates:

18th July - Club 85, Hitchin
26th July - Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
1st August - Beacon Court Tavern, Gillingham
12th September - The Empire, Swadlincode
25th October - The Imp, Scunthorpe

31st October - The Cockpit, Leeds