Arthur Walwin - This Feels (Like Summer) 
Arthur Walwin - This Feels (Like Summer)

Release Date: 21st July 2014

Remember Sum 41? I freakin' loved that 'Fat Lip' song when I was younger and 'In Too Deep' was a tune and a half. Well, South London lad Arthur Walwin has fully embraced that pop-punk energy on new single 'This Feels (Like Summer)'  which will could well make it a hit if it gets the right airplay. This is transition stuff, a gateway drug if you will, from the likes of One Direction and Ed Sheeran on to harder stuff like McFly or the Kooks. That sounds flippant but there is a place for this kind of light, uplifting and unashamedly poppy music but the unusual thing is that place is usually West Coast America rather than the place that cab driver will go; South of the river. The other appealing aspect is that part of the melody seems to have been lifted directly from a  Super Mario Brothers game which I always enjoy.

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