Anto Dust - Traitor's Gate 
Anto Dust - Traitor's Gate

Well these guys seem to be getting a bit of a buzz around them in that there London town so it's time we had a listen, don't you think? Anto Dust are a female fronted quartet who peddle shoegaze-esque melodies with a dreamy aura to them. New single 'Traitor's Gate' is a wonderfully, sweeping, swooning example of their music with layers of delicately intricate melodies weaving in and out of each other like spiders dancing with fairies in a dusk lit woodland clearing. As the song progresses, the wooziness increases and you get the impression that this might the ring tone on Wayne Coyne's phone or the special mating music for some kind of intergalactic race that dress entirely in white leather boots and vintage American 60s clothing. Beautiful stuff and buzz fully justified. Carry on about your business now.

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