Waterbodies - What the French Call "Les Incompetents" 
Waterbodies - What The French Call "Les Incompetents"

So, apart from being a cult indie band from London, it turns out that Les Incompetents is also what the French speaking world calls Home Alone, the film that gave us Macaulay Culkin. Whether that warrants a whole song or not is up for debate but Canadian rockers Waterbodies make some fairly strong points in favour. 'What The French Call "Les Incompetents"' begins with a sleazy, leather-clad guitar riff that brings the likes of Boss Hogg and Lou Reed to mind before the lazy, sneering vocals join in to tell you just how much they don't care. The backing vocals howl, the drums pound and boy does that bass guitar growl like a tormented beast in a dark basement. This is not a tune for the faint hearted but it is a tune for those who like their rock'n'roll with a healthy dose of sex appeal and whisky on its breath. Frankly, if Culkin had just played this tune at loud volumes when the robbers tried to break in they would have known not to mess with him. And that should tell you all you need to know really.

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Listen Here: http://www.waterbodies.ca/

Live Dates:

11th July - Van Gogh's Ear, Guelph
18th July - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto
2nd August - Petestock 2014, Saint Catherines

14th August - Silver Dollar Room, Toronto w/The Box Tiger