Small Town Get Up - New Noise 
Small Town Get Up - New Noise

Grimsby, Ontario, sounds far more sophisticated than just plain Grimsby, for some reason but for all I know they are just the same. Small Town Get Up are a seven piece from the Canadian version of the town who dabble in indie-rock with a distinct ska flavour. The album opens up with 'Homecoming' and a flurry of horns intermingling with guitars that creates a sound like a more edgy Reel Big Fish or a more melodic Rocket From The Crypt. I'm hooked in straight away. 'Found A Reason' is a bouncing barrel of fun with punk meeting ska meeting pop with a focus on melodies while 'Take The Night' is an edgier tune that puts me in mind of the Ataris or the Vandals - both bands I absolutely love.

The horn section that forms four sevenths of this band really add an extra layer of power and melody to these tunes but even without them the songs would still be infectious ska punk fun. Having said that, a serious proportion of 'Day I Die' would be just plain silence if it weren't for the rich and sumptuous horns. The rumbling bass and pounding drums of 'Forget Me Not' take things from nought to 70 miles an hour before you can say pogo before 'Nothing To Say' takes things back a step but with a real sing-a-long set of lyrics. The album approaches the end with 'Don't Tell Me' which has a real New Orleans Mardi Gras feel to it and the final tune, 'Say Lenor, closes the album with a real sense the dramatic and a huge set of riffs. As a straight up indie rock band Small Town Get Up would be just fine but with those big horns involved and that sense of Ska fun these guys really take things to another level. Infectious stuff.

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15th July - The Cave, Toronto

30th August - Festival Of Good Things, Sarnia