Genna Marabese - Toys EP 
Genna Marabese - Toys

Release Date: 2nd June 2014

Coming up next is a brand spanking new six track EP from the talented Genna Marabese and things get off to a swinging, rock'n'roll start. Title track 'Toys' is a jaunty, piano driven number that is pitched somewhere between Imelda May, Regina Spektor and Paloma Faith but with spikier high heels and darker lipstick. The intriguingly titled 'Like A Pigeon I Will Home' is skiffle and rock inspired tune with Marabese showing off her talent for squeezing about 100 words in to a verse whilst still maintaining an undeniably sultry tone. 'Lost For Words' is delightful, Sunday afternoon amble in a city park with lazy guitars intermingling with Beatles-esque piano and Marabese's best Marianne Faithfull vocals.

The second half of the EP kicks off with 'The Dreamers' which is a bona fide indie tune worthy of swooning over as PJ Harvey and Karen O battle for our heroine's soul and voice to marvellous effect. Meanwhile, over on 'Sick Man', Patti Smith is being channelled atop some rasping acoustic guitar, dramatic percussion and groaning melodies to produce a marvellously dark and delicious brew. Marabese finishes up this fine collection with 'News', a tune that is as skittish as a city fox as wiry guitars and a furtive bass line introduce proceedings before things get decidedly Zappa on our ass. For once I'm inclined to think that Genna Marabese could have spent a little more time to get another 3 or 4 tracks down and make this in to a really tight album because what's on this EP is all decidedly strong stuff and even the nutso last track would be good as an album closer.

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