Dressmaker - Glass EP 
Dressmaker - Glass EP

This is one of those times when the name of the band doesn't really match up to the music but in this case it's the name that lets the side down. The music that this London based quartet make is so incredibly intense and dark that they ought to be called something like Searing Cocoa or Black Treacle. The opening track, for instance, comes in the form of 'Glass' which is a heady blend of Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Placebo and the Jesus & Mary Chain that is as relentless as it is sexy. 'The Future' is up next and this is the music that folk in the late 70s thought the future would sound like as punk clashes with Zappa-esque tendencies and a Mark E Smith approach to vocal performance.

Ironically, it's only as 'We Breathe' starts to beat me around the head that I realise these guys are from East London and suddenly it all makes sense as all the film noir moods and art school cool are key ingredients in this thick, dark, syrupy soup. The fourth and final track on this 20 minute EP is 'Skeleton Girl' which has touches of the Scottish about it as Glasvegas and the darkest moments of Franz Ferdinand seep through the cracks like maroon blood through the floor boards of a serial killer's spare bedroom. This is not music to go running to or to put on at a dinner party but if you want to do your nut to something that sounds cool or seduce a goth girl/guy who is hard to impress then Dressmaker might just be the band for you.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/dressmakerlondon

Live Dates:

15th July - Powerlunches, London
16th July - 13th Note, Glasgow
17th July - Bannermans, Edinburgh
18th July - Wharf Chambers, Leeds
19th July - Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

25th July - Buffalo Bar, London