Champion Lover - Champion Lover (Unprofitable Records) 
Champion Lover - Champion Lover

Release Date: 20th June 2014

BANG! Let's go. Toronto's Champion Lover waste no time in getting this album underway as the rifle shot drums and hot-rod engine guitars of 'Read My Mind' remind of a mis-spent summer listening to the likes of Engine 88. 'Shooter' calms things down a notch but the slacker punk ethos is the same and so it is on 'Just Hollow' although this track in particular wants to rut with you like an over sexed uncle at a wedding disco. The beautiful chaos continues on the flailing, hell for leather riff-a-thon that is 'Could You Be Mine' while 'Bad Day' has a more QOTSA meets Death From Above chug about it that is all aviator shades, Marlboro reds and leather driving gloves even though there isn't a car in sight.

The absorbing grunge-punk of 'How Will I Know' not only displays a flagrant disregard for question marks but also speeds through like the Ramones on a mission before 'I See You' rumbles along and you soon realise that Champion Lover live life in the fast lane because that's the only way they know how. 'She Likes Wu-Tang' reminds me of a great University 'debate' I had with a girl in a club about what a great song 'Gravel Pits' was only to realise an hour later she had no idea what I was saying - it's also a low slung, sleazoid of a song. I love the low-end riffing on this album as well as the drummer that sounds like one of those guys who just can't sit still no matter what medication he takes and these aspects are both in great display on 'Lost'. 'Vacant Heart (Spring Break)' brings things to a shuddering, heart-attack stop after a punishing 6 minutes that climaxes in a melee of feedback, distortion and the realisation that you've been drinking for 4 days straight and you're late for work - 4 days late. Champion Lover don't give a shit whether I like them or not and I don't think they care too much for you either but I do like them (alot) and you probably should too. Just don't expect them to hang around for a chat after the gig unless you're at least willing bring them some beer or have a talented tongue.

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20th June - Rancho Relaxo, Toronto